Cooking Party Overview

At Cooking with Anita we prepare food from all continents and most countries. After a menu has been selected I do the buying and the prepping and you prepare the food and then you party. We have a huge kitchen with a ten burner gas stove and there are big tables for you to work around with all the equipment you need. The kitchen is very Old European with beams in the ceiling and things hanging everywhere.
The house is hiding behind a huge hedge and some people claim that it reminds them of the Hobbit’s house. It sits on a corner with parking space on the street and across the street at a large parking lot.
The evening starts in the living room where you get wine and cheeses when you arrive. Next I go through the menu with you very carefully and divide you into teams, each team responsible for two or three dishes. You get aprons and go out into the kitchen where everything you need for your dishes is waiting for you.
As you are cooking Nadine, my miraculous assistant and I are floating around helping as needed. The team that prepared the dish serves the dish and buses the tables to our outside kitchen where our team washes the dishes.
The food is served either buffet or restaurant style depending on the menu you select. The dining room is dark green, gold and burgundy with 56 candles lighting it. You sit around three round tables that seat 26 comfortably. Wine is served all through the evening. There is no time limit, you can stay as late as you want.
In the spring and summer we cook and eat outside where we have a Big Green Egg for grilling and a gas ring Paella plus a 6 burner gas stove. You sit around four round tables with lots of candles and faery lights that create a magical environment.